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Captain Harlock in English:
A Long and Sordid Story

The history of Harlock's various brushes with that bedeviling chimaera known as the English language is not a pretty one. Rarely has a fictional character been subjected to as many and as diverse a spectrum of humiliations as our Captain has in the name of something so seemingly simple as transcending the language barrier. Why such a litany of horrors has been visited upon the many English "translated" versions of Harlock is a question for which I've no answer, at least none beyond the frustration-induced cry of "ERRRRARRRRUGGGHHH, these people are IDIOTS!" that often bubbles up into my throat when discussing the subject. I seek not to explain, much less justify, but merely to illustrate what has been done with one of Japanese animation's most recognizable and enduring characters in the name of American enterprise.

What follows is a chronological list of all dubbed or subtitled Harlock or Harlock-related films and series thus far produced for the English-speaking viewer.

Captain Harlock subtitled by KIKU-TV
Galaxy Express by New World Pictures
Captain Harlock by ZIV International
Captain Harlock and the Queen of 1000 Years by Harmony Gold
Vengeance of the Space Pirate by Just For Kids Video
The Captain Harlock Collector's Video by Malibu Graphics
Arcadia of My Youth subtitled by Animeigo
My Youth in Arcadia by Best Film and Video
Harlock Saga by U.S. Manga Corps
Endless Odyssey by Pioneer/Geneon