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A note concerning spellings:

Character and place names throughout the Harlock mythos have many variant versions produced by many different translators and/or fans. For example, since it is an actual name that exists outside of the Harlock stories, we can safely say that "Arcadia" is correct, and "Alkadia" is not. For wholly invented names such as "LaMetalle," on the other hand, we cannot decisively say that "La Metal," "Larmetar," or La Meter" are not equally viable spellings. In such cases, I have adhered to the spellings I have used in my subtitled versions for consistency's sake, which were chosen partly for aesthetics, and partly to most accurately approximate the manner in which the name is pronounced in the series or film in question. In all instances, characters will be referred to by their original Japanese-version names for purposes of consistency and clarity.

The Captain Harlock Character Guide

Section Three: Friends, relatives, and assorted allies

Phantom F. Harlock

A distant ancestor of Captain Harlock and author of the book "My Youth in Arcadia," which chronicled his adventures as an aerial explorer. The one we see recalled in the Arcadia feature shows Phantom F. Harlock en route to Rabaul, New Guinea, by way of the Owen-Stanley mountain range. At first unable to crest the tall peaks, he mounts a second attempt when he seems to hear the mountains laughing at his failure. Jettisoning all excess fuel, leaving only enough for ten minutes' more flight time, he trusts his fate to the lightened plane, which he loves as his own flesh and blood, and nearing the tallest peak he sees a ghostly apparition of a woman's face: the Owen-Stanley Witch.

Many people have interpreted this sequence to say that Phantom dies in the attempt, though this is at odds with all logic, as he clearly survived to write of this exploit in his book. The "Witch" incident and the necessary lightening of the Arcadia's load are paralleled by the future Captain Harlock's travails in the Flame Stream Prominence, in one of the film's most clearly expressionistic story points: note that Phantom F.'s biplane changes color during the opening sequence, a color change mimicked by the battleship Arcadia in later times.

I have no regrets. So long as you do not abandon your dreams, they will never vanish.

Phantom F. Harlock II

Need I point out that this is the son of Phantom F. Harlock? The pilot of a Messerschmitt fighter in the German air force during World War II, he encounters the Japanese optical instruments designer Tochiro Oyama after a crash landing on the Autobahn. As the Allies move ever further into Germany during the final stages of the war, Harlock helps the peace-loving Tochiro to escape to the safety of Switzerland. He passes to Tochiro his own Revi C-12/D optical sight, which he has superstitiously carried with him from plane to plane, referring to it as "my heart and eyes." Lamenting the circumstances of the world at that time, which prevent these two like-minded, honorable men from pursuing their dreams, he turns back from the sanctuary of Switzerland and leads the approaching French partisans away from his friend, knowing that a pirate must always face up to his actions. His fate is unrecorded.

Both Phantom F. junior and senior sport the same scar as the latter-day Harlock; go here to read why.

I'm glad to have met you at the end of this vain war...I wish we'd met in different times.

Tochiro Oyama

Bearing the same name, face, and ambition as his descendant in the futuristic world of Captain Harlock, the Tochiro of bygone days is an optical instruments designer working in Germany as part of an exchange program. Assigned to develop a more precise gunsight design, Tochiro's true desire lies in working towards a trip to the moon. Phantom F. Harlock II decides to transport him to Switzerland to continue his research, but along the way his plane "Arcadia" is hit by enemy fire, severing the wire controlling the aileron. Tochiro is forced to use his own body to hold together the two halves of the broken wire in order for the plane to continue its flight, foreshadowing a time when his descendant will also become a functioning part of a craft named "Arcadia."

After reaching Switzerland, Tochiro promises the departing Harlock that his family will always remember the pirate's favor, so long as the Oyama bloodline lasts.

Harlock! So long as my bloodline exists, I'll never forget you!

Mayu Oyama

Mayu is the only daughter of Tochiro and Emeraldas, and until the Endless Odyssey mini-series, had appeared only in the 1978 Space Pirate Captain Harlock series. Left in Harlock's care after her father's death and her mother's sudden departure to follow her husband's body into space in the midst of her heartbreak, Mayu is unable to stay with her caregiver due to her father's dying wish that she grow up on earth, a place wholly unwelcoming to Harlock. As a student at the Catholic boarding school Saint Giovanna Academy, Mayu often finds herself the unfortunate pawn in various schemes to apprehend or kill Harlock, by both the Earth Federal Government and the Mazone.

Mayu's most prized possession is the ocarina given her by Harlock on her seventh birthday, and she finds solace in playing it when she and Harlock must be parted. At times, both Harlock and the spirit of her father can hear her playing even over impossible distances, and she and Harlock often play simultaneously, as if in empathetic communion. The facts concerning her father's bizarre afterlife are kept secret from her, but as the Arcadia is about to depart for what could be its final journey, Harlock finally reveals the truth.

After twenty-five years of absence from the screen, Mayu finally appeared again starting in the tenth episode of Endless Odyssey, still playing her ocarina. The scriptwriters apparently assume you know who she is, since neither her name nor her relationship to Tochiro are ever mentioned. This assumption failed in the case of the scriptwriters for the English dub, who clearly didn't know who she was and consequently had Tochiro speaking of her as if she were a complete stranger. Good job there, people.

Mayu does not grow up to be Maya (below,) despite constant confusion on this subject.

'Long, long ago, in the field, a lovely flower bloomed...Long, long ago, people had gentle, smiling faces.'

Mayu as seen in Endless Odyssey, after a quarter-century hiatus from the screen.


Harlock's only love interest, and quite possibly his wife, though this is only implied, not explicitly stated. Maya is the voice of Radio Free Arcadia, a pirate radio station which brings messages of hope and encouragement to the subjugated citizens of earth during the time of the Illumidas occupation. After Harlock's defeat and rout back to earth, she sends messages via the airwaves for him to escape earth by any means possible, that he might one day return as earth's savior, and in doing so she makes a marked woman of herself (even more than before) in the eyes of the Occupation force. Harlock gets shot up quite badly attempting to save her on one occasion, and loses his right eye in doing so.

Maya creates Harlock's pirate uniform and the huge Jolly Roger he flies from the Arcadia as parting gifts for her love, but eventually dies by the hand of Muriguson for her part in the combined human/Tokargan revolt. Her symbol was a single red rose, and after her death, Emeraldas took up the rose as her own calling card. Harlock laid her to rest in the Sea of Stars, vowing never to forget her, and never to stop fighting.

Maya is not the same character as Mayu, nor is she in any way related. The fact that both English dubs of Space Pirate changed Mayu's name to Maya has doubtlessly contributed greatly to this misconception.

I believed in you, Harlock...I knew that you would keep a promise even to a dead friend.

Tochiro's mother

Mrs. Oyama lives near Grape Valley on Saturn's moon, Titan. Tetsuro Hoshino meets her when she takes him in after his decidedly cold welcome to her planet. She tells him where he is likely to find the kidnapped Maeter, and gives him her son's old Cosmo Gun for protection, along with a similar hat and cloak. After he successfully rescues Maeter, she allows him to keep the gun, and tells Tetsuro that if he ever encounters her son during his travels to pass along the message that she would very much like to see him again. Tetsuro does eventually meet him on Heavy Meldar, but Tochiro doesn't live long enough to make any further journeys.

I know my boy will never come back alive, but even knowing that, I couldn't tell him not to go. Sons are like that...it can't be helped.

Zoll of Tokarga

Zoll has appeared in both the original 1978 Space Pirate Captain Harlock series and in the feature film My Youth in Arcadia, sporting drastically differing appearances but with similar storylines. In Space Pirate, Zoll is a survivor of the Mazone invasion of his homeworld Tokarga. His people are assimilated into the Mazone caravan that is en route to earth, and the remaining military forces have been impressed into service in order to attack the Arcadia. Zoll is shamed by Harlock's show of respect, and escapes to confront the Mazone in a hopeless assault, lamenting that his two sons will remember him as a pawn of their enemies. He leaves in Harlock's keeping a memory device that holds vital information concerning the Mazone fleet.

Zoll appears again in Arcadia as a completely human-looking character, now a survivor of the Illumidas conquest of his homeworld. As before, his military has been given the task of assailing Harlock, whom they successfully drive back to earth. He has no sons, but rather a brother and sister, and when he learns of his planet's impending destruction by Illumidas, he and Harlock join forces in an attempt to mount a rescue of survivors on Tokarga. Zoll remains on earth to protect Maya and the other earth resistors, but dies during an uprising while attempting to save Maya and Emeraldas from execution, shot in the back by Prime Minister Triter.


When I close my eyes I see my brother and sister, suffering in loneliness and waiting for me.

Commander Mitsuru Kiruta

The commander of the Earth Garrison Forces, Kiruta is the only soldier in power with the backbone to attempt Harlock's defeat/death. Time and time again, Kiruta assails the pirate, believing Harlock to be earth's enemy, but to no avail. Despite his dedication, Harlock hopelessly outmatches him. With no option left, Kiruta abducts Mayu from her school and takes her into the Egyptian desert in order to separate Harlock from his ship and finally emerge the victor. Harlock nearly kills him in reprisal, and his life is only saved through Mayu's intervention.

Kiruta's father had been a secret government investigator who lost his life during a mission that took him into the desert near Thebes. His mother died during his father's absence, and he lost his younger sister Tami during their hopeless pursuit of their father through the open desert. Kiruta blamed the government and authority in general for the death of his family, and sought the highest seat of authority to make changes in the world, only to find that the power had changed him. Mayu reminds him of his lost sister, and he begins to resent Harlock as the ever-capable protector that he himself failed to be.

When Kiruta becomes aware of the danger posed by the coming Mazone invasion, he attempts to warn earth's corrupt and decadent Prime Minister, but his warnings fall on deaf ears. He is finally forced to turn to Harlock in order to protect his cohort Shizuka Namino (who, in her capacity as a Mazone spy, was manipulating him in the guise of aiding him) from incarceration. In a pivotal battle with the Mazone vanguard fleet, Kiruta, having finally made his peace with Harlock, dies defending the Arcadia's central computer from invading Mazone soldiers.

Owing to his long and complex character arc, Kiruta appears in both the "Friends" and "Enemies" sections of this guide.

It's fine if you say I'm not fit to be aboard this ship, Harlock. I spent my life as a member of the federal government, and furthermore, I felt the need to keep chasing after you.

Tetsuro Hoshino

A young human orphaned when his mother was killed by the people-hunting Count Mecha, Tetsuro is Matsumoto's quintessential boy hero: headstrong, angry, and possessing enough righteous indignation at the cruelties of life to choke a rather frighteningly sized horse. We first meet Tetsuro in the streets of Megalopolis some years after his mother's death, trying to find a way to board the Galaxy Express 999 (at least in the film version; the TV series has him encountering Maeter and boarding the train only a few hours after his mother's murder.) The loss of his parents makes him long for the immortality a machine body would bring, along with the strength it would give him in aid of his desire to avenge himself upon Count Mecha. He gradually learns that immortality doesn't equate to happiness, and after seeing all the damage caused by the mechanized people with regards to the less fortunate, he decides, with a boatload of the aforementioned righteous indignation, that machine bodies should be stricken from the universe.

This, of course, results in full-blown war, and Tetsuro becomes one of the resistance in the struggle of biological life versus cyberneticized life. Probably Matsumoto's most realistic and well-defined character, Tetsuro is a child who must shoulder the sorts of burdens adults should never have to bear, and whose spirit is never broken no matter how many times it should have been. He is a person who rages against injustices, instead of giving an adult's cynical appraisal of them as being simply "how things have always been." Though his mother figure can never really love him as he needs, and his father has taken a wayward path (to say the least,) we never doubt that Tetsuro is a truly good person, and will always be so.

From the time he was a small child, Tetsuro has admired Captain Harlock and Emeraldas as heroes of the people, and the pirates likewise respect him, seeing beyond his years and treating him as a comrade-in-arms.

Must a paradise be built upon the sacrifice of lives?


The "only daughter" of Queen Promecium, ruler of the Mechanization Empire, Maeter is easily one of Matsumoto's most beguiling and enigmatic characters. A friend and acquaintance to Harlock and Emeraldas, Maeter has set herself the difficult and seemingly endless task of secretly countering and undermining her mother's empire in the guise of loyalty. Her plans are finally revealed when she comes to the rescue of Tetsuro Hoshino, her young traveling companion, and in the war that follows is sundered from her mother and her former life, only for rumors to begin circulating that she herself will soon succeed Promecium as the ruler of the Empire.

Maeter's subsequent appearance in Adieu, Galaxy Express 999 finds her nearly spent from her agelong struggle to undo the class schism and bigoted persecution wrought by her mother's empire. She appears as one who has done her bit for so long as to be simply doing it still from lack of knowing anything else to do; one is never really certain of her feelings, which are all the more conflicted by the fact that her mother's attempt to create a society bereft of death and fear was born out of kindness in its beginnings. At the last, she is as glad as she can be to see the end of the war, but still denies herself the option of staying with Tetsuro, whom she clearly loves.

Every licensed translation of 999 to ever come out in English has transliterated her name as "Maetel," though it's pretty clear that the Latin term for "mother" was the intended meaning. In addition, the newer Maetel Legend OVAs (the Japanese switch back and forth with the way they spell her name, just as with "Harlock" and "Herlock") dispensed with most of the subtlety of the original stories, made Maeter and Emeraldas sisters, and opted for the simplistic "get a machine body, become a soulless bastard in five seconds flat" viewpoint instead of the more complex view of the "classic period" of Matsumoto films and series.

I can never forget the youths I've traveled with. I will remember them all, each and every one of them...forever.

Professor Tsuyoshi Daiba

Professor Daiba, father of Tadashi Daiba, is an astronomer and one of the few (surviving) scientists on earth who believes that the Mazone pennant is a harbinger of an imminent invasion by an alien race. He traces the path of the pennant back to the remnants of an exploded star system far-flung from earth, but is murdered by the Mazone before he can get his findings to the ears of the earth government-not that they'd been listening to him previously, mind you. Following his death, Tadashi vows revenge, and joins the Arcadia's crew for the best opportunity to carry out said vengeance. (Tadashi never believes that Harlock killed his father, at least not in the animated version.)

In Endless Odyssey, much of this is repeated; in fact, Harlock's challenge to Tadashi to "board my ship if you are a true man" is repeated almost verbatim. The twist this time around is that Harlock really is responsible for Daiba's death. Daiba is the only survivor from the vessel Fata Morgana, which had crossed into the nether realm of the universe and contacted a primordial evil known as Noo. Daiba had been allowed to live and retain a stone tablet detailing the Noo and its relationship to the universe in return for the prospect of sharing that information with the Noo itself, which required data inscribed on the tablet in order to carry out its own plans. Daiba had asked Harlock to kill him should he ever give in to his thirst for knowledge at the risk of humanity, and Harlock obliges. Geez, if the guy was so worried he'd go all weak-kneed on the matter he should've just given the tablet to Harlock to begin with and saved everyone, himself included, a lot of trouble.

Even though people may call him an outlaw, Harlock is a fine young man who loves the earth.

As a scientist, I've done everything I can to pursue knowledge.

Mitsuko Daiba

Tadashi Daiba's mother, Mitsuko died on an outpost on Neptune's moon Triton when he was twelve. Though blameless in the accident which destroyed the base, she was fingered by the earth government as responsible to divert attention from their own failure to send a relief mission in time.

The Mazone P.O.W. Lola used hypnotic abilities to impersonate Mitsuko and trick Tadashi into divulging secrets about the Arcadia and then releasing her. Not until he faces down Lola for the final time is Tadashi able to come to grips with his mother's death.

Now Tadashi, whenever you want to see me, just come to this room. (She's lying. It's really Lola messing with him.)

Professor Kusco

A colleague of Professor Daiba, Kusco is a linguist who deciphers the ideographs on the Mazone pennant, which, even though they're different every time we see it, apparently always read "This is the second homeland of we, the almighty Mazone." His attempts to convince the earth Parliament that the Mazone are an alien race that once had contact with the ancient Mayan civilization fall somewhat short of success, and he is ultimately assassinated right in front of the Earth Garrison HQ, damn the luck.

Earth's people won't believe there's a danger until they see it happening.

Shuiichiro Yuki

Father of Kei Yuki (in the Space Pirate series,) Shuiichiro was a scientist working on developing a space colony which would precisely replicate conditions found on earth. When he died while testing his creation, he was mocked as a fool and a dreamer, though it later came to light that the failure of the experiment was due to sabotage by Kei's scheming boyfriend Kazuya Katagiri. After Shuiichiro's death, his wife Fumi died shortly thereafter, apparently of a broken heart.

AAAAGGGH!! I can't breathe! Oxygen is the key!

Goro Yuki

Goro is also the father of Kei Yuki, this time as appearing in the SSX series. Goro runs a space station which prints anti-Illumidas propaganda and messages of hope in the vein of Radio Free Arcadia, and faxes them to planets across the galaxy. His references to a "Treasure Island legend" pique Harlock's interest, though the newspaperman is initially distrustful of the pirate's motives. After Harlock risks his life to save Kei and Goro from the Illumidas, he returns the favor, sacrificing his life to defend the Arcadia, and entrusting his daughter's care to Harlock. His final words to Kei hold the key to finding the mythical world of Arcadia, and earth's potential salvation.

When you find true love, you will understand the secret of the Treasure Island.

The 999 Conductor

The forever-unnamed, Jawa-esque conductor of the Galaxy Express 999 is first and foremost responsible for ensuring that no unauthorized individuals make their way aboard his train. Despite his occasionally authoritarian, by-the-book exterior, he wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his favorite passengers, Tetsuro and Maeter. He's been long-plagued over the issue of whether or not a machine body is superior to a flesh-and-blood body, but at the end of Adieu, Galaxy Express 999, he finally decides to keep his original body-which turns out to be invisible.

It's the rules, you know; I can't let anyone aboard without a pass.

Captain Bentselle

A former captain in the earth's Solar Federation, Bentselle has been impressed into service by the Illumidas and given the command of the refitted Deathshadow (in the Endless Road SSX series.) His mission is to attack and destroy the Arcadia, but his first attempt is cut short when he must call a halt to the conflict to avoid endangering his daughter Revi, who, along with Dr. Ban, has been brought aboard his ship as a prisoner. Shamed by becoming a tool of the enemy, he keeps his identity from Revi and sends her and the doctor to the Arcadia before abandoning the field of battle.

The Deathshadow is sent against the Arcadia a second time on Christmas Day, now running solely on an all-computer-controlled system. Hearing this, Bentselle, now partially mechanized due (presumably) to injuries sustained in the first encounter, pursues the ship and boards it as it engages the Arcadia. With no other apparent choice, he throws his body into the Deathshadow's central control unit and shorts it out, causing the ship to crash upon nearby Heavy Meldar. Harlock gives the captain one last opportunity to talk with his daughter before he embarks upon his suicide mission, knowing her heart is set on hearing from her long-lost father on Christmas.

Revi seems to admire you from the bottom of her heart. Take good care of her, Harlock.

I'm sorry I won't be able to see you for Christmas...I have a job to do.


Leader of the bandits of Grape Valley on Titan, Antales is guardian to a large collection of children orphaned by the human-hunting Count Mecha. (In the TV series, he was simply stealing in order to care for his own children.) He hates the machine people, and technology in general. Antales tells Tetsuro to seek out the pirate Emeraldas if he wishes to find the location of Count Mecha's Time Castle, and advises the youngster to shoot the Count without giving him a moment's pity. His body still contains a large number of unexploded energy bullets, which go off at the most inconvenient moment, just as he is about to warn Tetsuro of an important secret regarding Maeter.

When you find Count Mecha, shoot him before he shoots you. Even if he begs and pleads with tears, just shoot. Hesitate, and you're dead.


Ryuze is consort to the evil Count Mecha, a woman who became mechanized to please her love. However, seeing Tetsuro reminds her of the days of her own youth, when she was a real human woman, and she turns her back on the Count, allowing Tetsuro to kill him when she could've prevented it. She bids him to flee from the Time Castle as it ages away to dust, taking her with it. Only her guitar survives the destruction of the castle.

In my heart, I cried out 'Don't shoot the Count!' But it's better this way.


A young resistance fighter from the planet Andrado, Miowdar rescues Tetsuro during a battle on planet LaMetalle. He describes himself as an orphan of the war between biological life and mechanized life, and carries a musical watch that belonged to his father as a keepsake. After Tetsuro escapes LaMetalle, Miowdar is taken by the Machine people and transported to Great Andromeda via the Ghost Train. Tetsuro realizes beyond all doubt the evil of the Mechanization Empire when he hears the sound of his friend's watch coming from the pile of bodies that have been sucked of their energy to power the Machine people. After the destruction of Great Andromeda, Tetsuro buries Miowdar on LaMetalle.

Don't get killed before me. It's a man's promise.


Claire is a waitress working aboard the Galaxy Express 999. Her body is a mechanized one, made of crystal glass, but the body was forced upon her by her vain mother, and she hopes by working on the train to eventually be able to buy back her original body. She forms an attachment to Tetsuro Hoshino, who reminds her of her lost youth, and eventually self-destructs in order to save him from death at the hands of Queen Promecium.

Claire appears aboard the train once again in Eternal Fantasy, having been mysteriously reassembled out of the scattered shards of glass to which she had been reduced while saving Tetsuro. He hopes that the being responsible for such a miracle, who awaits him at the final station, Eternal, will be able to similarly recreate the destroyed earth.

You were my only friend, Tetsuro...I loved you.

Hiroshi Umino

A young earth boy who stows away aboard a cargo ship to seek his freedom in space, Hiroshi wants to follow in the footsteps of Tochiro Oyama. He comes to planet Daibaran in hopes of obtaining ore for spacecraft fuel, but finds the place mined out, forcing him to take a menial job working in a saloon. When he runs afoul of Colonel El Domain and Gamor of the Alfres militia, Emeraldas comes to his aid. When he later saves her from Gamor, she gives him a Cosmo Gun, advising him to be honorable in his usage of it.

Hiroshi has had an unpleasant youth, and would prefer to shut out others and live completely independent of the rest of the world. He sees Emeraldas as an example of one who has successfully sundered ties with the world-not realizing she very much wishes she were not left without Tochiro-but gradually he comes to accept the companions he finds on his journey as friends.

I don't have any friends, and I don't need any. I'll live free on my own!

Elder Hasshi

The chief of the village of Kuruna in Egypt, Hasshi is foster father to Commander Kiruta, following the death/disappearance of his biological father. Harlock meets him for the first time while pursing Kiruta, who has kidnapped Mayu. After Harlock and Kiruta have joined forces against the Mazone, Kiruta takes Mayu to his childhood home and entrusts Mayu's care to Hasshi, knowing that Harlock may never return from battle.

Desert time is patient...when you're drinking wine.

Captain Yamanaka

Captain of the earth battleship Braves, Yamanaka was once in the position of trying to bring Harlock down, though his ship was no match for the Arcadia. In his heart, he envied Harlock's freedom, and when he learned that there was an alien presence upon earth, he and Harlock made an off-the-record agreement of sorts: to both counter the coming invasion, but not in any cooperative sense.

Yamanaka was forced to kill the wife of his chief engineer, Maji, when she was revealed as a Mazone assassin. Not understanding or caring, Maji nearly killed his superior officer, and left the service of the earth's space force to eventually join the Arcadia's crew. When a message (in a bottle, no less) apparently from a distressed Yamanaka is discovered, Maji is anxious for the opportunity to beg forgivness of his old friend, but they unfortunately arrive too late. As the message was bait in a Mazone ploy, Yamanaka's true fate is never known, only that he and his crew apparently went down fighting.

To those for whom the universe is an endless sea, it's only natural that they would want to sail that sea to their heart's content.


He may not be Greek, but he looks more Greek than Tokargan. The son of Zoll, Zorba has fled the enforced servitude of Mazone captivity along with the Mazone nurse Lucia. Harlock grants the refugees sanctuary, but eventually Queen Lafresia discovers their whereabouts and demands that they be returned to the Mazone fleet. When it becomes clear that Harlock's refusal to comply will assuredly result in the Arcadia's destruction, Zorba and Lucia elect to return on their own so as to spare their benefactor, only for the Mazone to shoot them down as they attempt to peaceably surrender.

No explanation is ever given as to why Zorba looks nothing like the Tokargans as they've previously appeared (perhaps he takes after his altogether human-looking mother,) but by the end of the Space Pirate series, all of the Tokargans have become humanoid in appearance. It doesn't have to make sense; just pretend it does.

Father died fighting the Mazone, a fitting end for a Tokargan hero. I'll be fighting to save this ship.


The replacement for Claire as waitress aboard the 999, Metalmana abruptly joins the train's staff during the midst of the war between biological and mechanized life in order to, as the Conductor puts it, "get ahold of the best thing in the world." Metalmana desires to usurp Maeter's body for her own, but after seeing and absorbing all that the Mechanization Empire stands for, she has a change of heart, and fights to save her traveling companions. When it becomes apparent that her body's energy is holding back the 999 as it attempts to escape the Siren Witch, Metalmana jumps from the train, allowing it to break free.

You'll cry for me, won't you, Tetsuro?

Professor Aihn

A scientist who has forsaken the technological society of earth to live on the South Seas-esque paradise of the Human's Planet (one of seven planets in the Ulysses Nebula,) Professor Aihn took care of Harlock in his younger days, and affectionately calls the pirate his son. (The exact time and duration of this relationship is never disclosed.) Harlock meets with Aihn again while searching the nebula for the kidnapped Mayu (in the Space Pirate series), but unknown to Harlock, a Mazone agent named Miyu has come and threatened to kill the colony's children if Aihn does not use his tectonic and weather-controlling device against Harlock. Harlock predictably survives, but the colony is brought to ruin, and only the two youngest children, Ikaru and Vina, survive the assault. Aihn is killed when he takes a shot aimed at Ikaru, who, along with Vina, stays behind to rebuild the devastated paradise.

She threatened to kill the children...the hope of the Human's Planet.

Gozo Otowara

A former commander of the Earth Garrison, Gozo lost his position after he shot his wife and found that the courts weren't buying the old "My wife was an alien assassin and was up to no good" excuse. After meeting then-current commander Kiruta in a bar and finding that his successor has also become aware of the impending invasion, Gozo is inspired to once again take up arms in defense of earth.

Gozo was once engaged to Masu Tsunajima, the Arcadia's resident, ahem, chef. However, a misunderstanding caused each to believe they had been abandoned by the other, and they do not encounter one another again until the final moments of Gozo's life, when the two share a conversation and a song over the radio as Gozo prepares to face off with an incoming Mazone squadron all on his own.

'There are no temples so grand as Zuiganji....'

Dr. Ban (Maeter's father)

The disembodied spirit of Dr. Ban lives in the pendant carried by Maeter on her journeys, as the two of them attempt to surrepetitiously subvert the empire created by Queen Promecium, Maeter's mother. The components of the Mechanization Homeworld have living humans built into them, and thus Ban has for many long years been recruiting volunteers to be made into key structures, so that, when the time is right, their destruction can be triggered, causing the planet to fall apart. At the last, Maeter is uncertain if she can go through with it, but her traveling companion Tetsuro Hoshino has no such reservations, and chucks the pendant into the core of the planet, destroying it.

Nowhere is there any indication that this Dr. Ban is meant to be the same person as the Dr. Ban that becomes the Arcadia's medical officer in Endless Road SSX. In fact, it seems almost absurdly unlikely that they could be construed as the same individual.

How the hell did I end up in this thing? Somebody explain it to me!!!

Girl from the ghost ship "Sell"

The never-named young girl is found aboard the derelict space tourist ship "Sell" and taken back to the Arcadia, where she is revealed to have been mechanized. An orphan of the Illumidas invasion of her planet, it soon becomes clear that she has been pressed into service as a saboteur by the Illumidas, who have given her the code designation "Alpha One." Alternately angry and sympathetic with her, Tadashi Monono tells her of the Arcadia's great mission to find paradise, and inspires her to turn on her masters and thwart the attack she was meant to pave the way for. Unfortunately for her, she does not survive her rebellion.

It was my dream to plant this seed on a planet somewhere and cover it with sunflowers.

Anita and Zach

Anita is an old friend of Harlock who lives on the Steel Planet (colony RV44.) Harlock visits her seeking help when an act of sabotage by a cyborg infiltrator (who ends up impersonating La Mimay) causes the Arcadia to lose its supply of water. Despite its having been transformed into an Illumidas-occupied fort, Anita refuses to leave her home, wishing that someday it could be made green again after the Illumidas defeat. Her son Zach, on the other hand, can't wait to leave, and insists that he be taken aboard the Arcadia, to which Anita sadly consents. However, her attempts at procuring a supply of water for Harlock are discovered by the Illumidas garrison, and she is killed in the fighting that ensues. An orphan of the Illumidas invasion, Tadashi Monono upbraids Zach for not appreciating his mother, and convinces the boy to remain behind to continue her fight.

I wanted to change this world from a mass of steel to a beautiful green planet for the sake of my son.

This planet is total nowheresville! I want to get gone!

Major Rick

Rick is a pilot in the service of the colony of Mistral, a world designated as a Free Trade Planet. However, when the planet's leaders do not immediately turn away the Arcadia, newly instated Illumidas Occupation Force Commander Krueger decides to make an example of Mistral. Rick and the other surviving pilots take to the hills and plot to bring down the Illumidas command ship in a suicide attack, but Harlock warns them off, and shoots Rick in the shoulder to keep him from being able to fly his plane. At first critical of Harlock for leaving Mistral when he was asked to, believing the pirate to be afraid of the Illumidas, Rick learns a different lesson when Harlock and Emeraldas save Mistral's citizens from summary execution and destroy the fleet patrolling the skies of his homeworld.

We must keep this planet as a sacred place where the Illumidas can't reach.

The Queen of Arcadia

First seen as a mysterious glowing disk in SSX episode thirteen, the being eventually known as the Queen of Arcadia is in contact with Harlock's nemesis Mr. Zone long before the pirates ever encounter her. Knowing her only as a voice on the airwaves, Zone does not discover her true, non-corporeal nature until much later, when he realizes her potential as an ally against both Harlock and the Illumidas. She stops aiding him when she begins to suspect that he has lied to her about Harlock's true nature, and allows both Zone and Harlock to approach her homeworld in order to test their motives. She gives to both of them the Fire of St. Aqule, which Zone sees as a means to eradicate the Illumidas Occupation force (and he proceeds to do just that.) Harlock preserves his Fire to use for earth's restoration, and in doing so wins the favor of the Queen, who turns her power on the Illumidas homeworld, destroying it.

To La Mimay, the mysterious orb of gold light represents the Golden Goddess of Alozaran legend, an entity whose appearance signifies the end of all things. Fortunately, this only turns out to be true where the Illumidas are concerned.

If this be Arcadia to you, you may dwell here in peace.


Izelle, along with her father, runs the Quiet Springs Hotel on planet Bright Ring Firefly. She befriends Tetsuro Hoshino when he visits her world, and eventually shields him from the Metanoid warrior Helmazaria with her own body. Helmazaria allows them to live in the short term, but ultimately destroys Bright Ring Firefly for Izelle and her father's defiance of the Metanoids' order to report the whereabouts of Tetsuro and Maeter.

May your future be wonderful.


The younger sister of Zoll, Mira is found dying when Harlock makes his ill-fated attempt to save the survivors on planet Tokarga. Harlock's pet Mr. Bird was once Mira's pet, and is first heard mimicking her pleas for her brother's return. The last female of the Tokargan race, Mira's death signals the end of her people.

Brother Zoll, we all fought so hard....


One of the race of the gods of Valhalla, Freya is a virtual twin of Mimay of the Nibelungen clan, though the two are not related. Freya plays a pipe organ that controls time, which resonates with Valhalla and creates harmony with the organ played by Mimay on planet Rhein. She is the object of fixation by the Meister brothers of Risenheim, who attempt to display their affection by, apparently, jumping the poor girl. Her presence aboard the Arcadia ultimately spares Harlock and crew from being attacked by the brothers' fortress. When she learns that the Meister brothers really do love her, she appears to shrug off their, uhhm, indiscretion, showing just how much Matsumoto really doesn't understand women.

Mimay and I are the players of time, who control the time that flows between Valhalla and planet Rhein by our instruments.

The Meister Brothers

Twin brothers Fasolt and Fafner of the Risenheim clan are charged by Wotan to construct a fortress that will be able to counter the coming invasion of Valhalla by Alberich. When the brothers demand to have the opportunity to touch Freya, player of the pipes of Valhalla, before completing the fortress, Wotan reluctantly agrees. However, when he orders the brothers to fire upon the Arcadia while Freya is aboard, the pair refuse and desert Valhalla. Harlock convinces them to use the fortress to counter Alberich's invasion, knowing more than Valhalla is at stake.

We giants are a race that Valhalla has continued to oppress. Always subject to Wotan, bound hand and foot. But we endured it, because Freya was on Valhalla.

Sabu and Yasu

A pair of second-rung pirates from the Fluorite, Kei Yuki's pirate ship from Endless Odyssey, Sabu and Yasu are captured along with Kei by Commander Irita, who imprisons them on the satellite fortress Panopticon to await execution along with the crew of the Arcadia. When Harlock rescues his old shipmates, the pair become bridge officers aboard ship. Less battle-hardened than Harlock's band of pirates, they nevertheless remain fiercely loyal to Kei, and would willingly give up their lives to protect her.

Was I able to leave something behind for the professor? Did my existence have any meaning?

Shizuka Namino

A holographic assistant to Dr. Daiba in the Endless Odyssey series, Shizuka appears in the professor's virtual laboratory. Daiba's research into the primordial evil known as the Noo is a secret affair he keeps hidden even from Shizuka. After Dr. Daiba is murdered, she passes the information on to his son Tadashi in the form of a microchip, and wonders upon the meaning and future of her own existence as the late professor's place in the virtual university shuts down.

Shizuka had previously appeared in Space Pirate Captain Harlock as a sympathetic Mazone spy, but her appearance here is little more than a reference to a previous character, as it's basically impossible for the two characters to be one and the same.

Was I able to leave something behind for the professor? Did my existence have any meaning?


The daughter of the Chief of Police on the Planet of Rubbish Heaps, Nana is Tadashi Daiba's girlfriend (in the Endless Odyssey series). When Tadashi's father is mysteriously murdered, he decides to join Harlock's crew, and leaves Nana to take care of his father's body. Nothing like leaving the main squeeze on corpse detail to earn you lasting affection.

Daiba, you act as if you want to get yourself hurt.

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