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A note concerning spellings:

Character and place names throughout the Harlock mythos have many variant versions produced by many different translators and/or fans. For example, since it is an actual name that exists outside of the Harlock stories, we can safely say that "Arcadia" is correct, and "Alkadia" is not. For wholly invented names such as "LaMetalle," on the other hand, we cannot decisively say that "La Metal," "Larmetar," or La Meter" are not equally viable spellings. In such cases, I have adhered to the spellings I have used in my subtitled versions for consistency's sake, which were chosen partly for aesthetics, and partly to most accurately approximate the manner in which the name is pronounced in the series or film in question. In all instances, characters will be referred to by their original Japanese-version names for purposes of consistency and clarity.

The Captain Harlock Character Guide

Section Two-B: The Illumidas

The Illumidas are an aggressively militaristic nation that moves through space planet by planet, seeking to subdue and exploit other worlds for their own gain. As the film My Youth in Arcadia begins, we see that earth has already lost its war with the Illumidas, who have set up an occupation force to police the subjugated world, doling out what little resources remain to the earth's citizens through food coupons and seeking to enlist earth's former military to carry out the dirty work of quashing rebels and insurrectionists. The references and parallels with World War II are numerous, and it can be argued that the Illumidas are representative of Matsumoto's view of the American occupation force that policed Japan after that war. Make what you will of this.

In an almost exact reversal of what occurred with the Mazone, we never once see any female Illumidas, but green skinned that they both may be, let's not go starting any crazy theories....

We are the green-skinned Americans from space. Fear us!

General Zeda

Supreme Commander of the Illumidas Occupation Force on earth, it is Zeda's job to keep the situation on earth as quiet as possible. After Harlock's defeat and enforced return to earth, Zeda offers him a job working with the occupation force, which Harlock unsurprisingly declines. Zeda is concerned with identifying and locating the voice of the pirate radio station Free Arcadia, which broadcasts messages of hope and inspiration to the largely suffering populace. He would prefer to deal with resistance in non-violent ways, rather than make martyrs of his opponents. A difficult but honorable man, Zeda demands that Harlock first go through him rather than leave peaceably upon his banishment. When Harlock wins the combat fair and square, Zeda insures that he will be given the opportunity to escape the Illumidas main fleet rather than face overwhelming odds. Under differing circumstances, these two soldiers could have been friends, and share a great deal of mutual respect.

Harlock, you fought well. When we meet in Hell, let's drink as friends.


Zeda's second-in-command, Muriguson has unfortunately not absorbed much in the way of class from his superior. A self-important ponce with little respect for anyone, he pushes (along with Triter) for the execution of Emeraldas and Maya in order to "send a message" to the people of earth, and personally shoots both of them himself when they attempt to flee during Zoll's rescue attempt, causing Emeraldas' scar (in this continuity, anyway.) When he objects to Zeda's handling of the situation regarding Harlock, his commander turns his back on his dishonorable subordinate and leaves Harlock to finish Muriguson off like the Illumidas dog he is.

Go anywhere you want...you'll never get the chance to fly again.

Commander Amus

Replacing Commander Zeda following the events of My Youth in Arcadia, Amus is not unduly concerned with the capture/killing of Harlock, preferring to leave the pirate's fate in the hands of Mr. Zone, whom he gives much leeway in the formation of tactics. A reasonably even-handed man, Amus would rather avoid overt brute force when possible. Zone's repeated failed attempts to defeat Harlock unfortunately reflect poorly on Amus, however, and he is ultimately stripped of his position and replaced by General Krueger after blowing his last chance to prove himself.

Making an enemy of Harlock was our greatest mistake.

Vice-commander Garron

Amus' second-in-command, Garron has little patience with or trust in Mr. Zone (an instinct which proves to be correct) and objects to Amus' use of the earthman to carry out the Illumidas mission of Harlock's defeat. His protests eventually fall on receptive ears, causing Amus to be replaced by the less diplomatic General Krueger. When Zone reappears after being left for dead in the destruction of the Rest Planet (a vacation spot during better times) and demonstrates a newfound power that can challenge the might of the Illumidas, Krueger sends Garron-under much protest-to be Zone's subordinate, and to gather information on Zone's plans and capabilities. He finds out too late what Zone's real plans for the Illumidas occupation force are, and is placed in the brig by human partisans loyal to Zone. He escapes during the final battle and seeks revenge, but is shot and killed by Zone (possibly unintentionally, possibly deliberately. We'll never know.)

Garron realizes too late that his suspicions about Mr. Zone were right all along.

General Krueger

Following Commander Amus' repeated failures to kill the SSX gang, General Krueger arrives at Illumidas Earth Occupation HQ to take over as Supreme Commander. A total no-nonsense career soldier, Krueger's first course of action is to order the destruction of planet Mistral for allowing the Arcadia to land, in order to set an example for all who might give Harlock refuge in the future. Krueger continues to retain Mr. Zone as a hired gun, but is perfectly willing to cut the earthman loose after he fails once again. When Zone reappears, claiming responsibility for the destruction of an Illumidas patrol, Krueger agrees to his request for a command ship, but sends Garron to be Zone's second whilst keeping tabs on him. Krueger finally meets his end in the Zone-led attack on the Earth Occupation HQ.

From here on, we shall subjugate our enemies with force.

Green Ishmael

Call me Ishmael. Please. Everyone calls me "Green," and it sounds like a racial slur.
Green is the elder brother of Muriguson, and is gunning for revenge against Harlock for the death of his brother and the disgrace brought upon his family-not to mention his own demotion-as a result. On colony SP-7, he picks a fight with Tochiro in order to draw out and capture Emeraldas. With her as bait, Green plans to ambush Harlock, but he and Tadashi rescue her posthaste, and she joins the battle against Green's forces. She and Green fight a fencing duel to the death, and Emeraldas narrowly emerges the victor.
Green is first seen hanging out in a bar called "Daunt," a name which couldn't possibly make sense to anyone who isn't Japanese.

Emeraldas must have very poor taste, associating with such a meek-hearted man.

Illumidas Chief of Staff

The unnamed Chief of Staff presides over the Illumidas military from their homeworld command headquarters. He contacts the Earth Occupation Force HQ to inform Commander Amus of the general disappointment the higher-ups feel towards Amus' leadership on earth. He grants Amus one last chance to prove his worth as Commander, but when that chance is spent, he has Amus taken into military custody and relieved of his duties.

Before the Headquarters' Chief of Staff, even the Commander over earth is little more than an infant.

Illumidas Fleet Commander

In charge of the Illumidas main fleet in My Youth in Arcadia, the fleet commander attempts to intercept the Arcadia as it departs Tokarga, and again as it leaves earth to face off with Zeda's command ship. Feeling that Harlock has defeated him in a fair battle, Zeda gives Harlock an opportunity to escape the fleet, which Harlock instead uses to attack it. With his ships unable to properly aim at the Arcadia, the fleet commander finds himself staring down the barrel of Harlock's sabre when the pirate boards his flagship and personally blows him away.

Only the Illumidas battle flag will fly in space! Trample that Jolly Roger underfoot!

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